Spirit of 

the Lake

Valeria Monzeglio

About me...

… what I do and how I do it can be seen in my “Spirit of the Lake” label.
I created the brand when I moved back to Locarno after travelling around the world and working as a designer for a renowned fashion house in St. Moritz for a number of years. From the mountain to the lake to open my dressmaking “bottega”. I sell women’s clothing sourced from Italian and Northern European manufacturers: In Bed With You, Sixty Days, LE's, POM, Gossip, Nice Things, Spirit of the Lake, Herrlicher… as well as my own unique and numbered garments.

My look is inspired by “Spirit of the Lake” – a free spirit, like the wind on the lake – for the modern woman who lives life to the full and nurtures her inherent individuality.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!





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